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The International Regulatory Affairs Network


Background - The Network

regulanet® is a network of regulatory affairs consultancies with members in over 90 countries throughout the world. Founded in 2001 and led by Dr Regenold GmbH, regulanet® offers services to a wide variety of national and international healthcare and pharmaceutical clients.

The network uses state-of-the–art tools to ensure efficient communication and access to information between members and clients. regulanet® provides advice and assistance on national and international projects and marketing authorisation procedures, including the decentralised, mutual recognition and centralised procedures within Europe.

The core service offer of regulanet® is regulatory affairs, whereby we help client’s maximise the value of their product throughout its development and lifecycle within a constantly evolving regulatory environment. We do this by developing innovative and cost effective regulatory strategies and solutions tailored to the client across several product categories including medicines, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, combination products, companion diagnostics, borderline products, biocides, food supplements and cosmetics.

In addition, over time we have expanded our range of services beyond our core regulatory offer to include Auditing, Due Diligence, Pharmacovigilance, Market Access, Portfolio Analysis and Life Cycle Management.

By gaining an understanding of clients’ commercial needs, the key decision makers and route to market, regulanet® is able to recommend regulatory and market access solutions which help clients bring their products efficiently to market and maximise value from their asset.

To learn more about regulanet® and our services have a browse through the website or download our leaflet:

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